• Sometimes you just have to take a leap in life and make things happen and I’m glad I did!  I wanted a unique experience, something I’ve never done before and Life Is Beautiful Sacred Tours & Travel asked me questions about what I wanted to do and actually listened.  Having never been to England, it was a place I had longed to go for some time.  It’s not often though that someone’s interest in visiting England is more than going to see Big Ben and the Tower of London… I wanted to see the crop circles this summer and had no idea where to go or what to do!  They made it happen for me and I couldn’t be more pleased!  It’s an experience I’ll never forget!  THANK YOU!!

    -- Lizabeth S.
  • Recently widowed and on my own for the first time, I had never planned my previous trips.  My husband coordinated everything.  The owner’s compassion, understanding of my needs, and reassurance that she would make sure everything was planned out in detail, and the positive reinforcement and encouragement she provided to me that I could travel safely on my own and enjoy myself, was the nudge I needed to take my first solo trip to France.  What an amazing experience!  Their motto To Travel Is To Live was my aha moment.  Everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone and experience life to the fullest!  Thank you for bringing my soul back to life!

    -- Elaine T.
  • The attention to detail, efficiency and prompt, positive customer service this tour/travel company delivers is exemplary!  We couldn’t be more pleased with planning our trips through them.  Thank you!!

    -- Ron & Margaret H.
  • The first thing that caught my eye when I found this website was the main quote from Hans Christian Anderson on the first slideshow picture.  It stopped me in my tracks and so did the rest of the amazing travel photos.  I felt something stirring inside of me.  TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE… what a beautiful, inspirational vision.  I was determined to learn more about the company that had me at their opening “hello!”  Beautiful website and beautiful imagery!  When this much detail and consideration is put into a business website, you know the customer service behind it is going to be equally exceptional.  It made me want to jump on board as a customer!  And I did!  Thank you Life Is Beautiful Sacred Tours & Travel for helping me to live!

    -- Sophia M.

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Scotland Forever

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The Siren Call of Italy’s Amalfi Coast

The song of the Sirens was too much for even Odysseus, so how could I be expected to resist?  Some years ago I was raving about the beauty of Cinque Terre, five cliffside villages on the Italian Riviera in northwest Italy. Calmly, my companion turned to me and remarked, “If you think Cinque Terre is .

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